Le message du Président !

En avril 2014, Shukuo Ishikawa,  President and CEO, Representative Director BANDAI NAMCO Holdings, Inc. précisait sa vision de l’avenir du groupe.

Shukuo Ishikawa President and CEO, Representative Director BANDAI NAMCO Holdings, Inc.

Shukuo Ishikawa
President and CEO, Representative Director
BANDAI NAMCO Holdings, Inc.

The IP axis strategy is the Bandai Namco Group’s strength, and based on this strategy we will continue to implement our mid-term vision – Empower, Gain Momentum, Accelerate Evolution.

The Group’s mission is to provide « Dreams, Fun and Inspiration, » and our vision is to be « The Leading Innovator in Global Entertainment. » On that basis, we provide products and services in the Toys and Hobby Business, Content Business, and Amusement Facility Business.

In April 2012, we launched the new Mid-term Plan, which includes our new mid-term vision-Empower, Gain Momentum, Accelerate Evolution. This vision incorporates our commitment to enhancing our operations and improving our results, as well as our strong determination to strive to be No. 1, a determination that is shared by all of our employees. The IP axis strategy is the BANDAI NAMCO Group’s greatest strength. Under the Mid-term Plan, we will promote this Group-wide strategy by leveraging our characters and other IP to rapidly provide the optimal products and services with the optimal timing. In this way, we will maximize the value of our IP.

Under the Business Area Strategies, we have classified the Group’s businesses and regions into three categories. Operations in Japan, which already have stable market shares and revenues, are positioned as the Basic Business Area. In this area we will aim for an overwhelming No. 1 share in each category. The U.S. and Europe are positioned as the Profit Recovering Area, where we will aim to achieve a recovery in profits and build a stable foundation. Markets in Asia are positioned as the New Growth Area, and in these markets we will conduct aggressive business development targeting growth as a pillar of new businesses and regions.

In the first and second years of the Mid-term Plan, the Group was able to achieve stable development due to the IP axis strategy and multiple business portfolio effects. In FY2015.3, the final year of the plan, we will continue to aggressively implement the IP axis strategy in each business and region. In addition, targeting the start of the next Mid-term Plan in April 2015, we will continue to take steps to address the challenges that we face and to reinforce our foundation for growth.

Moving forward, the operating environment is expected to undergo increasingly dramatic change. However, the BANDAI NAMCO Group has pride and a sense of responsibility about its mission of providing »Dreams, Fun and Inspiration, » and accordingly we will continue to provide markets around the world with products and services that leverage the strengths of the BANDAI NAMCO Group. In the future, we will always do our utmost as we strive to create new value through entertainment. In this way, the BANDAI NAMCO Group will continue working to realize its mid-term vision, Empower, Gain Momentum, Accelerate Evolution.

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